Hi there!!

I'm Chris Lang, a Los Angeles based dialect coach with over 15 years' experience spent coaching actors in film and television, radio, voice over, and theatre.

I'm proud to be a Verified and Recommended

Key Dialect Coach

                I am also a proud member of VASTA

              I am also a proud member of VASTA


When you train with me, whether as my private client or in a class you'll be pushed to your limits while being guided to a place where you can find and access the voice that can only be described as: YOUR VOICE...

Let me help you get the skills you need to have an edge over the competition!      



 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

As an expert in dialects, I can help - whether you need your actors to all sound like they come from the same place or a dozen different places, I can prepare them for whatever needs you may have.                         

From pre-production through shooting and into post production, I can be a valuable asset to you throughout the entire process.            

Corporate Training

From basic communications skills to telemarketing and customer service training, I have the experience and knowledge to train your staff in what you know is important: Communication.  

I have experience in many venues ranging from small offices to large corporate operations and political organizations and non-profits.