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Hi there!!

I'm Chris Lang, a dialect coach based in Los Angeles, Colorado, and New Mexico with over 10 years’ experience spent coaching actors in film and television, radio, voice over, and theatre.

I'm proud to be a Verified and Recommended

Key Dialect Coach


My goal is to make sure that your dialect is seamlessly integrated with your acting. 

Whether you're new to accents, intimidated by accents, or are a seasoned dialect actor, my approach will integrate with your acting process seamlessly, helping to unlock new levels of specificity, imagination, and allow you to transform into your character!      



Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

As an expert in dialects, I can help - whether you need your actors to all sound like they come from the same place or a dozen different places, I can prepare them with passion and authenticity for whatever needs your production may have.                         

From casting to pre-production, through shooting and into post production, I can be a valuable asset throughout the entire process.


Corporate Speakers

From speechwriting to preparation  to coaching on site at the venue, I can help you to be at your best.  Your goal is to inspire and empower your audience and my goal is to help you make that happen!

If you're an athlete looking to move into media as part of your career in sports, I'm in your corner and want to help you to be as successful in front of the camera or mic as you were on the field.