As Henry Higgins in Wouldn't it be Lovely?

From The Huffington Post

"The ensemble effort is excellent. Lang's Higgins is superb as the bumptious and arrogant Higgins. Words he may know but the world-at-large remains a big mystery to him. If this were Victorian times, he'd be called imperialist. Now he's competitive and smarmy, an uber-educated man of means. He's at his funniest in his back-and-forths with Wheeler's Pickering and with his mother, Mrs. Higgins (Dorrie Braun). He one-ups Pickering at every turn while his mother, all too aware of her son's arrested emotional development, cuts him down to size. He shines in his relationship with Langle's Eliza. At the beginning, he's an insufferable pedant. By the end, having watched her blossom, he's smitten and uncharacteristically vulnerable.

From The Daily Breeze

"A first-rate theatrical experience...The play tells the story of Eliza Doolittle (the waiflike and dynamic Paris Langle, in this version a New Yorker) and Professor Henry Higgins (played with comic pomposity by Chris Lang).

From City Watch LA

"Chris Lang plays the role of Henry Higgins ably. He is a Harvard trained voice coach among other things, and the high standard of diction among TE Rep players speaks well of his efforts."

As Mordred in The Lady of Shalott

From The Huffington Post

"He makes that story come alive in surprising ways. With boldness and innovation, not to mention energy and intimacy. This is something special, out of the ordinary. Something that makes you impatient to see what they'll do next."

From Daily Breeze

"The Lady of Shalott, which opened at TE San Pedro Rep last weekend after a week of previews, is much, much more than just a play... Arthur’s illegitimate son Mordred (his name sounds like death and Chris Lang looks the part) the end is inevitable...  if you love theater, from brilliant acting to dancing and swordplay and music, and if you want to be a part of the action, you have to see this play.

As Claudius and The Ghost in Hamlet

From The Daily Breeze

"Chris Lang is Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle and now stepfather, as well as the ghost of Hamlet’s father in mask and cape... TESPR’s “Hamlet” is exciting, sometimes even delicious, and deserves a big audience — not just because of the quality of the production, but because San Pedro should he happy to have another theater company in residence."