British Actors in higher demand... Why?

I've been noticing a trend over the last 5-10 years in film and television.  I'm sure you've noticed it too.  Actors from outside America seem to be getting more play in film and television.  I'm not talking about only period pieces and sci-fi and fantasy films where our bad guys in America seem to come with variations on British accents.  I'm talking about classic American roles in American Stories.

For example: David Oyelowo as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 2014's Selma, or Hugh Laurie in House, or Ewan McGregor in Blackhawk Down and Big Fish, or Ray Winstone in The Departed, or Michael Caine, or Jude Law, orJason Statham, or Daniel Day-Lewis in EVERYTHING... and the list goes on!

(You'll notice these are all male actors, this phenomenon doesn't seem as prevalent for Female actors...)

Now, these are all fine actors and they deserve to get the roles they are getting - because they are REALLY good!

My question is why are these roles not going to American Actors? 

My theory is that for the most part, British Actors are receiving far more, and in some cases, far better training in Dialects, Voice, and Speech!  

This is both unfortunate, and fixable!!  Think how many American actors crossover to British accents (or others) successfully.  There are some, but not as many as the other way around.


Be sure to make the kind of investment in you Dialects and Voice training that you are making in your acting classes and casting director workshops.  Don't let yourself be out marketed and muscled out by British Actors who can play Americans.  Give 'em some competition!!!

Anyway... Those are my thoughts.