Romeo & Juliet is Open and You HAVE to see it!!

This last week I had the privilege of coming to LA and diving into rehearsals with Elysium Conservatory Theatre ( as the acting company built up to opening night for their Romeo and Juliet. 

Let me just say that if you've seen R&J before and think that one production tends to be much like another, go and see this show!  It is unlike any other Romeo and Juliet I've ever coached or been a part of, and you'll be glad you got a chance to see it!!

Since I'm a dialect coach, I need to spend a bit of time talking about the actors that I got to work with at ECT.  It's rare to find an ensemble so tightly knit together and so eager to explore the boundaries of art, human experience, and their own limits.  This company works hard in every rehearsal, but what's more is that they work hard outside of every rehearsal.  They are constantly striving to develop their acting technique, voice and speech technique and movement technique so they can push themselves to the next level.  

I cannot tell you what a joy it is to work with a repertory company like this where, after a rehearsal, ten actors crowd around their voice coach to get as many notes as possible, and then several of them want to sit and talk for an hour after to try and find ways to better attach their acting work in the show to the voice notes that they've just been given.  Then they leave (often after midnight) and carve out time to work on these things, so they can come back to the next rehearsal full of the work they've done at home! 

If you are a lover of theater, check out this company!  If you are an actor looking for a place where you can be pushed to be at the top of your game and be surrounded by like-minded artists, CHECK THIS COMPANY OUT!

The acting conservatory at ECT is currently accepting applications, and the word on the street is that they have some scholarships available!

Go see Romeo & Juliet!  You'll thank me after. 

It plays Fri and Sat @ 8pm and Sun @ 7:30pm through April 30th.

So, that's the news for now. Stay tuned for what's next!!!